lost youth

after seeing the pearl jam twenty documentary tonight, everything  suddenly started to make sense.

remembering how passionate i was about their album vitalogy and it´s cover design.
i never realized before, but that was probably the first thing that really made me think about career as a graphic designer. and that documentary brought back so many memories about the whole grunge period.
and i´ve always wondered what is it about men who wear blue jeans, stripes and cardigans and have light brown messy hair, that always seems to draw my attention.
well, i think, this could be it...

2 kommenttia:

  1. Sooo hassua. I still do cherish my Vitalogy-album partly due the same reasons, how it stood up from the other cd's on the shelf. Partly annoyingly, partly proudly :)

    Here's one for u. Take care!

  2. i so know what you mean :)

    thanks for the link, that´s cool!