last night i was supposed to see her play live but she cancelled. that really made me as sad as she looks in this picture. in my opinion, there should be some sort of refund in case of the main artist canceling at the last minute. this seems to happen all the time, at least in finnish festivals :(

color your life

lately i´ve been thinking a lot about the fact that my closet is full of color and mostly i wear grey.
on wednesday i decided to wear colors and got so many compliments on my outfit. must remember that :)
photo credit.

(you had me in) five seconds

this week there has been no point talking to me at the office (or on the street) ´cause i´ve just been listening to twin shadow´s new album, confess, on repeat. and last night they played live on my fav location and it was amazing. george lewis jr, i ADORE you, you´re JUST PERFECT!

loving: kenzo

these pictures are not that new, but i love them anyway. these really brighten up my monday mood.
via filepmotwary.

dream dream dream

last night i tried my luck in the lottery, but only had 3 numbers right and won nothing.
this is what i had in mind, in case of good luck.