can´t wait

when summer draws near, i always start putting happier, dreamier, sunnier songs on my playlist.
so pretty much all regina songs. these videos by osma harvilahti remind me of what summer can be, at its best.


i woke up really early to get things done. but it´s worth it,
´cause later today, i´m off to stockholm, the city of stylish people.

all pictures from carolines mode.

life lately

feels like last weekend was weeks ago. this week was so busy but so nice.
so i hardly had time to take any pictures.

pretty basic(s)

i´ve always loved spanish brand oysho. whenever i´m in spain, i always go there.
no matter what you need, blue sequence bikini (i actually have that!) or just basic underwear or nightwear.

these basics should all be in my closet. that would make life just a bit easier.

wildfox kids

this makes me wanna have kids! because my kids would absolutely be this cool!
via studded hearts.

self promotion

student kelli marie did this self promotion campaign while she was a student. quite impressive!
but why graphic design student ALWAYS use only b&w + red? i know it´s a classic, but still.

via designworklife.

ceiling cat... watching you work at home.


last night i saw a documentary about The New York Times.
it was from 2010, but the main theme about the future of printed media is still current.
this morning, i was happy to read from my newspaper that today they´ve
got 16% more orders than year ago, so things are looking up for them!

one of my favourite magazines is Interview, originally founded by Andy Warhol.
they always seem to have the coolest covers.
like this amazing one with lana del ray and the bee on it!
pictures from google.