just what all my summer outfits would need!
lykke clutch by tiger of sweden. 

Schwarzwald Chocolate

it´s 7:46 in the morning and i´m posting about chocolate. hmm.
well, i have to admit, on saturday mornings, i usually eat chocolate for breakfast.

this design is by Yu Ping Chuang.

very (cool) french gangsters

i´ve had glasses since i was very young. nowadays i like them, but there was a time i wish i didn´t have to wear them. i even remember having a conversation with my mother at the age of 10 or so, about it. i was sure i´d never get a boyfriend because of having glasses and my mom wisely told me to look around and notice how girls with glasses have not only boyfriends, but good-looking ones :)

and how right she was, as always!
over the years i´ve had many boyfriends and one of them even said that dating a girl with glasses is like having 2 girlfriends, the one with the glasses and the one without. mostly because i´ve been told that i look very different without them.

anyhow. i love this eyewear brand very french gangsters. it´s for those cool kids with glasses!

life lately

had a happy hangover day.
and other nice adventures.


when i got my first iphone about 1,5 years ago, i was like ok, let´s give this a try. and now, i could hardly live without it. it´s just (almost) perfect. but i have these plain boring white covers for it. that´s about to change now! i need some gelaskin covers!
but maybe i have to make my own design...

good karma day

that´s today!

hand painted type

this is hypnotic!
by Tien-Min Liao

via this is colossal.

sell it

spring is the best time to clean up your closet for a new season.
this site, hazy days, could help you sell some stuff.
i love their layout. and shadi, the prettiest finnish model, ever.

loving: jose ignacio romussi

first things i saw this morning were these. not bad. more of them here.
via summer teeth.