oh fuck

this morning we got a hell of a snowstorm here in helsinki. and now,
12 hours lately, it just goes on. and on.
i´m so happy to be indoors with cup of hot tea and two cats. luckily, no need to go anywhere. this weather makes me feel like this cardboard box outside of my apartment. spring, please come soon!


lovely basic looks by LNA. (funny to see my home-hairdo on a model)
via because i´m addicted.


today i went to fashion blogger party and wore my shirt upside down by accident. it took me quite a long time to realize that. earlier that day i ran into a guy i promised to go out on second date when i would be less busy and never called back. not the best day of my life. but i will make it better with some chocolate.

small is the new big

i don´t care so much about louis vuitton, but this campaign featuring famous bloggers is so cute that i have to share it.
i seem to be posting a lot of videos this week!

Louis Vuitton presents "Small is Beautiful!" from Louis Vuitton on Vimeo.


november makes me sooooo depressed. it´s dark when i wake up, dark when i go to work and dark when i go home and go to sleep. i miss that time when i can actually see the sun.
and take pictures without flash.
spring, please hurry up and get here! these are some random shots from last spring & summer)