do your hair do

the only hair do i can do is the sock bun. and it´s not a lot.
but someday i´ll be able to do all these. just wait and see.
all images from my pinterest.

DIY neon lace clutch

because i´m addicted shared this spring´s coolest DIY project.
(can i say spring yet? can i? this morning i walked to the bus stop and it wasn´t dark anymore. that made me so happy!)

How to: DIY Neon Lace Clutch

You will need:
Salvaged tank top from the abyss of your closet 
or neon lace fabric 
Old clutch or makeup bag
Fabric glue
Needle and thread

1. Cut along the seam of your tank top to split open and lay your clutch inside with seams parallel to one another.

2. Fold over the open flap to cover the clutch and cut off excess fabric along the outer edges of the clutch.

3. Turn the fabric inside out and sew along 3 of the edges to create a case to fit your clutch inside of.

4. Turn the fabric right side out so that the edges are seamless and slip your clutch into the lace shell.

5. Glue down the fabric to the clutch and let dry.

it was a good week

went on a short trip to tallinn.
got drunk in a good company.
ate dessert for breakfast.
forgot to work hard and slept a lot.

danger, keep out!

love this street art project by bravo company!

The ‘Danger-Keep Out!’ signage is a quadrilingual warning sign written in Singapore's four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. It is commonly found at construction sites, serving as an indication that the site is dangerous and to keep unauthorised persons away. This is commonly found all around Singapore, a city where constructions can be spotted at every turn, too much so that the locals no longer pay attention to the important message it conveys.

Living in a fast paced modern society, Singaporeans are a highly stressed population and after the recent general election, most people remained unhappy with the government. We decided to inject a dose of fun to this local iconic signage and reconstruct it into inspiring ‘Uplifting Messages’, aiming to generate smiles all across the island.

the coolest camera EVER

this has to be the prettiest camera on earth!
it´s called the bee and made by fuuvi. fuuvi bee. what a cool name aswell.

current/elliot spring lookbook

i know, these models look like bored&anorexic teenagers, but still,
i love the look of this lookbook by current/elliot.
current/elliot is designer duo Emily Current and Meritt Elliott.
via refinery29.