new year, new things

this is what i´ve been doing lately:

i guess, you know what that´s all about.

this blog is moving! 

here´s the new address, so please update your bookmarks and bloglovins. i don´t want to loose you, dear readers :)

boulevard social

if you are in helsinki these days, i recommend to try this place. 
i loved their saffron mayonnaise! and pretty much everything else on the menu, too.
and these pictures, i wish they were from our dinner last friday, but no, they´re from boulevard social´s website.


working as AD is the best job i´ve ever had. but sometimes, i just can´t come up with new ideas.
here´s one worth stealing!
by Siren Lauvdal.


on new year´s eve, little after midnight, we started talking about dreams. and a noticed a funny thing. 
most of my friends have really big dreams. great dreams, don´t get me wrong, but i´ve always thought you should only have realistic dreams. the kind of you know you can achieve.

for example, i don´t dream about having 300 square meter apartment in helsinki, ´cause that´s simply impossible. but that made me think, should i start dreaming a bit bigger maybe? after all, these are dreams, not things on my this week´s to-do-list.

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this is Piia Keto for Arabia.
these would go perfectly with my black&white Teema table wear.
*a place to hide


even i feel a bit like this today, i still want to...

to all my dear readers!


what will 2013 be like? according to Marc Jacobs, it will look like this.